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Can I sell it? We help you determine if and how your domain name can be sold. Negotiation or transaction not included, but an optional next step.

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    We make a professional assessment of the resale potential of your domain asset.

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    We research the resale potential further, and consider a suitable sales service option.

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    You have the option to go ahead with a sales service quote based on our recommendation.

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    If you choose to accept the quote we go ahead with the goal to achieve an agreement and transaction.

Hidden treasure

Great domain assets can have many prospective buyers and coveted domain names trade for millions on the aftermarket every day. This is why Next Venture offers the domain sales service “Sell”, to connect supply with demand. Depending on the nature of the asset, we offer different sales and marketplace optimization services.

A little bit of extra funding can go a long way. For a startup it can mean the world. For an individual it can mean life or death. For a corporation; an extra injection of funds for a project. Don’t sit idle on sellable domain assets that could be of more use in the form of funds.

The domains that fetch the best price on the aftermarket are one word brandable names under the .COM extension. Appealing two word domains are also sought after, as well as short and pronounceable 3-5 letter names. Outside of .COM, extensions such as .IO, .XYZ, AI and .CO have found success among startups. Let us know about the domain assets you want to divest and find out what we can do for you!


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