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Settling for a name is tricky. We help you find and select options and to map out a plan, so that you can concentrate on business. Negotiation, acquisition or transaction not included, but an optional next step.

  • Outline

    Let us know what the name is going to be used for and what type of name you want.

  • Search

    We search for domains that match the outlined preferences and use case.

  • Report

    We deliver a report containing 20-50 domain options where a successful acquisition is likely.

  • Transaction

    In case you find a killer name you have the option to order a negotiation and prospective transaction for the domain.

Freedom of choice

Running out of options can be costly. When it comes to brand names and domains, many businesses have learned this the hard way. The alternatives may suddenly be to pay an inflated price for the domain you need, stay on a bad option, or even rebrand.

The domain name is not something that will just fall into place, or that can be handled later. The domain is your digital brand name, and securing the exact match for it should be top priority. Allowing yourself to make an informed and strategic choice in the early stages of development can save you a world of trouble down the line. That is why Next Venture offers the naming service “Find”.

Our naming agents are experienced with both name development and the domain aftermarket. Getting some help at the right moment can often be the best choice in the time critical world of domain name acquisition.

Let us help you find options!

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