The professional domain aftermarket agency with transparent, cost-effective process.

  1. Domain name acquisitions

    We are experienced aftermarket professionals and can acquire taken domains for your business.

  2. Naming projects

    We work with you from a domain perspective and curate a selection of brand name prospects.

  3. Domain name sales

    We assess if your dormant domain assets can be sold and guide you through the best way forward.

Next Venture is a domain name aftermarket agency. We offer acquisitions, naming projects, sales services and general consulting.

Our mission stems from several realizations about how these types of services generally work and what can be done to improve them.

When it comes to acquisitions and sales, few brokers or agents offer a real-time window into the progress and process of the order. To Next Venture this is a necessity for three reasons:

  • Trust. To fully trust a broker or agent, it is necessary to have access to and evaluate the work laid down.
  • Incentives. To avoid skewed incentives on price, the work laid down needs to be detached from the purchase price in terms of invoicing.
  • Decisions. To be able to make informed decisions about whether or not to abort or continue, somewhere along the way, there needs to be real-time information and options for the client to consider.

Next Venture is run by Sten Lillieström, research specialist (Background in Journalism), and an Intellectual Property specialist (IP Paralegal). But also a domain name investor and naming consultant with skills in name development, applicable knowledge in Linguistics, and a good grasp of the aftermarket and how to use it safely and efficiently. Next Venture started as a domain name investment firm, and still carry a vast curated selection of searchable domain name options on market.nextventure.com.

Today we help all kinds of clients to achieve their goals on the domain name aftermarket, from private persons that want to sell a domain, to corporations that need to acquire the exact match domain for the next venture, or find a new name identity in the first place.

frequently asked questions

With a background in journalism, I have the researcher skills needed to get through to domain owners and the negotiation skills needed to seal a deal.

Send us a message and we will be on the case.