When the perfect domain is taken - rise to the challenge and reap the rewards.



Find out if the domain can be yours.

  • ownership research
  • contact attempts
  • initial report


The aftermarket is a strange place. We help you track down owners and find out if they are interested in selling. Negotiation, acquisition or transaction not included, but an optional next step.

  • research

    An experienced acquisition agent will research all available contact points.

  • outreach

    We try to find out if a purchase is possible. We follow up on non-responsive owners 2 times.

  • report

    We deliver a report to use as decision support for further steps towards acquisition.

  • transaction

    You have the option to order a negotiation and prospective transaction for the domain.

Buy taken domains

Next Venture does things differently. Domain name brokers normally charge a commission based on the purchase price. In practice this often means that even though you only pay upon success, both compensation and purchase price is likely going to be high. Some brokers charge up to 20% of the price and have no incentive to keep the purchase price down. The higher the price – the higher the compensation. It is also a fact that while some domain acquisitions take great time and effort to achieve – others require close to none. As a client it is not likely that you will know.

In addition, legacy domain name brokers have lukewarm interest in low budget acquisitions. This is why Next Venture has developed a sophisticated system for domain name acquisition projects where you follow the process and weigh your options every step of the way. That way you can keep tabs on costs and progress, and only pay for the actual work laid down.

Our agents are skilled in research and negotiation, and ready to tackle any challenge. Give them one! If the perfect domain can be yours - it will be.

Take the opportunity to acquire that perfect domain, before it’s gone forever


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